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Traffic Ticket Amnesty

Posted on 07/07/16

Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program

On June 24, 2015, Governor Brown signed into law Senate Bill 85, which provided for a one-time mandatory eighteen month Statewide Traffic Tickets/Infraction Amnesty Program for unpaid traffic and non-traffic infraction tickets. Known as the “Traffic Tickets/Infractions Amnesty Program,” this state legislation makes the amnesty program available through March 31, 2017. Beginning October 1, 2015 through March 31, 2017, people with qualifying unpaid traffic tickets and infractions whose fines were originally due to be paid on or before January 1, 2013, may have their debt reduced by 50 or 80 percent depending on income and have their driver’s license reinstated. The program also includes a waiver of any civil assessments.

People whose unpaid fines and fees were originally due to be paid after January 1, 2013, are not eligible for a reduction for that ticket, but may be eligible to have their driver’s license reinstated, if they are in good standing on a payment plan with the County of Los Angeles comprehensive collection program. Anyone eligible to have a driver’s license, including undocumented individuals who are eligible for a driver’s license under AB 60, is entitled to participate in the traffic amnesty program if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Those interested contact GC Services, the Los Angeles Superior Court’s collection agency at (800) 950-6280 (English) or (800) 939-8068 (Spanish) or via their website at, or by visiting one of the GC Service windows at an LA County Superior Court location. For more information, visit If you have unpaid traffic tickets and/or a suspended license, take advantage of this program today to reinstate your driver’s license and reduce your ticket debt!

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