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Osceola Elementary Beautification Day

Posted on 10/01/16

Sylmar Neighborhood Council

This event brought students, teachers, staff, and members of the community together. There was much to do to landscape the slope of land on the school’s south side along Envoy Street an area that had no working sprinklers, few plants and did not have a welcoming sight. 

Participants dirtied their hands planting drought tolerant society garlic, fortnight lily, and rosemary shrubs, turning a once barren track of land into a pleasant outdoor space. 
Former teacher and now retired Mrs. Cohen stopped by to lend a hand and was in tears to see what a difference was made by the many who came out. "I worked here for so many years  and I can tell you this is something I am so emotional about because Osceola just needed someone to care and give of their time" she said fighting back tears of happiness.
This special project is one that the Osceola Street Elementary neighborhood will remember for years to come.

Sylmar Neighborhood CouncilSylmar Neighborhood CouncilSylmar Neighborhood Council
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