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Happy National Philanthropy Day! Thank You for your Volunteerism

Posted on 11/14/16

The word philanthropy derives from Latin/Greek. It means “mankind-loving.” So, it follows that if one loves humanity, one is going to do all that is possible to improve the conditions of our fellow travelers here on Earth. The day received its moniker in 1986, and the season chosen seems particularly apt. The middle of November signals that two-huge, American holidays are near: Thanksgiving and Christmas. During November and December, the spirit of giving is always boosted. Think of all the giving, volunteering, service and charitable interactions that shape our world for the better, that improve the public good. The positive impact upon communities is simply beyond measure. Foundations, corporations, government employees, individuals and even children honor and improve lives with their efforts. So, even though you may not be recognized publicly, know that you are thanked and appreciated for everything you do to help.

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